Pensacola Opera

Pensacola Opera-Tickets Are On Sale Now! Gold Addy/Judges Award Winner 2011
This is the Gold Addy Award/Judges Award winning spot I produced for the Pensacola Opera. I’m always looking for different ways to get the client name to pop in mind of he listener without making it sound like I’m just repeating myself. The result is a mock recording session where a nerdy guy is coaxed into being an opera singer. Fun to make and voice, I got to pretend to be Luciano Pavarotti for 30 seconds.

Pensacola Honda Spots

Pensacola Honda, local car dealer and dream client.  In 2010, they sent us a script that was about 45 seconds long, and I wrote two possible solutions.  One was to extend their script, mostly info about their sale, location, etc.  The other was a conceptual intro, a simple setup featuring a salesman and customer delivering some witty banter.  I fully expected it to get rejected, but to my surprise and joy, they loved it.  It has since become Pensacola Honda’s staple, my unwitting salesman trying to help all manner of customers, from Santa Clause to his own future self.

Santa Wants a Honda
Santa’s Back
From the Future
Trapped in a Well
Back From Safari
The Soap Opera

Baniakis and Associates

Boy, when you get a CPA that has a good sense of humor, you’re a lucky production artist.  I submitted the script to excellent people at Emagination Unlimited and the Baniakis firm loved it. A couple of minor tweaks later, and I got Evan Chance at StudioSpeed to do the voice over.  The Baniakis folks still use this concept in their ad campaigns for tv and billboard, too.

Baniakis and Associates-Number Crunching

Beer, Glorious Beer

This one was a sounder for a contest where NewsRadio1620 was giving tickets away to a beer pairing dinner.  I probably went overboard, but hey.  I consider overkill to be almost far enough.  I did all the singing, every voice here.  It is done to the tune of Food, Glorious Food from Oliver Twist.  Naturally.

Beer, Glorious Beer

Styx River Shooting Center

A local shooting range just over the state line in Alabama.  Got to inject some humor into the script on this one.  Evan channeled his best Sam Elliott for the voice over, too.

Styx River-Home on the Range